How do we work?

During the ad, we work on its promotion in social media, we use advanced marketing tools to ensure the best possible level of service efficiency. We believe that with our help you will find the right employee or employer wink

Below, what the user need to know about our app

Adding an advertisement

When the "Post a job" form is completed correctly, the advertisement is automatically entered into the publishing process, consisting of two stages (at every step the user is informed about the current status of the ad via e-mail).
Firstly, the ad is automatically pre-checked for correctness.
Secondly, the announcement goes to moderation where it is checked for compliance with the platform's policy (Terms)
After verification, the advertisement is placed in the appropriate place on the page.


Applying for ads

When a user applies for a job advertisement contact among advertiser and a potential employee is provided by:

a) an e-mailcontaining a CV and an application form is sent to the address attached in the "Post a Job" by advertiser

b) the user is redirected to an external recruitment system